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Inaugural NSW Triathlon Club Cup

Point score for NSW Club Cup:

 Clubs are divided into three Divisions as per below based upon the membership at March 29,2023 

  • Division 1                Clubs with more than 150 members

  • Division 2                Clubs with more than 75 but less than 150 members

  • Division 3                Clubs with less than 75 members

  • Division 4                A separate division reserved for Training Groups


Everyone who nominates a club (or training group) during the registration and competes in one of the four nominated events get one (1) Participation Point for their club (or training group). 

This means the more races you participate in, the more Participation Points you receive. 

Note: You can only enter ONE Division. Even if you are a member of both a Club and a Training Group, you can only choose ONE to have your points allocated to. 


How the Winner is Decided

Performance Points are awarded for the top 10 place getters in each age category on the following basis:

  • 10 points for 1st; 9 points for 2nd; 8 points for 3rd; 7 points for 4th; 6 points for 5th; 5 points for 6th; 4 points for 7th; 3 points for 8th; 2 points for 9th; 1 point for 10th;

  • Club/Training Group can only score once in top 10; subsequent place getters from same club block out that position’s points so they are not available to rival clubs.

  • Racers can only be a member of one club/Training Group

  • There are no points for volunteers/TA officials, as points are only allocated to those racing.

Club/Training Group with the highest points in each division WIN. Prizemoney allocated to the top three clubs in each division.

Note: Athletes can race over two distances Sat/Sun and get double points.

Awards (Elite Energy $$$)

  • Div 1 = $3000 / $2000 / $1000 -  Priority (saved) Club Tent position at Husky 2024

  • Div 2 = $2000 / $1500 / $1000 -  Priority (saved) Club Tent position at Husky 2024

  • Div 3 = $1500 / $1000 / $500 -  Priority (saved) Club Tent position at Husky 2024

  • Div 4 = $1000 / $750 / $500 - Priority (saved) Club Tent position at Husky 2024

  • Over $15,000 Prize Pool

The winning Club/s can receive the inaugural Ken Baggs Cup. 

Ken Baggs OAM was instrumental in the creation of IRONMAN in Australia, working in the region for 30 years (1984-2014). He was one of the original members of the organizing committee for the inaugural IRONMAN Australia race in 1985, becoming the race director in 1987. He also founded IRONMAN Western Australia and served as the race director for both races until 2012. Baggs is considered an integral part of the early team responsible for establishing rules, safety and operation procedures globally as IRONMAN was growing from a single race in Hawai`i to events worldwide. Ken (and his wife Glendy) were also instrumental in the early days of the famous Husky Triathlon, from its humble beginnings in 2006 with 325 athletes to the present day with over 6000 athletes and as many spectators. 

saturday, APRIL 1


SUNDAY, April 2



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